Posted On:10.27.2016

Using an Online Session Musician can be a daunting concept at first.
Paying someone online, that you don’t know and will possibly never meet, for service can seem like a step into the unknown.

Remember the advent of Online Banking? Or buying gig tickets and CDs online? It all took us some time to get used to the idea of transacting online. But now, these are common every-day things carried out by millions of people the world-over.

No surprise then, when it comes to hiring musicians online, its taking a while for the industry to be comfortable with the concept.

Nowadays though, with digital recording gear and faster connection speeds, using online musicians is becoming more commonplace in the industry and in fact many albums are recorded and produced this way.

OK, so it’ll never replace that magic and spark of working with other musicians in the same studio, bouncing ideas back-and-forth and trying new things.

But there are three benefits to be had which are:

  1. It’s Quick
  2. It’s Simple
  3. It’s Affordable

Quick – Simple – Affordable
Booking studios can be difficult and, depending upon the studio, the location and the engineer there can be a huge time-delay before you can book your studio for your session. Factor in your chosen musician(s) having to possibly travel large distances to the studio and add into that trying to sync up musicians diaries it can all lead to delays in booking your session and getting your project recorded.

Booking studios and engineers is not only time-delaying but can also be a costly exercise – this does very much depends upon the studio, the engineer, the location to name but a few factors. However, you can guarantee that any studio booking will not be cheap. In studios around the world, time is money.
Throw on top of that the cost to hiring the musician(s) into the studio and their travel time and all-of-a-sudden the project costs start to spiral.

Taking the factors of time and money into account can make the prospects of the next musical project off-putting. And this is where the Online Session Musician comes into their own.
Gone is the need to book expensive studio time and have your chosen musician(s) travel, perhaps long distances, to you.
Gone too is the time delay of waiting for your chosen studio and engineer to be available and for the musician(s) to travel to you.

Online session musicians will have their own studio setups all ready-to-go which makes the recording the tracks quicker and more affordable (especially when it comes to recording drums). As long you are prepared, all the time, cost and complexity can be taken out of the project giving you the freedom to handpick your musicians which also makes the process a lot of fun – for you and for the other musicians involved.